Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Alison Willoughby

These fabulously elaborate patterned skirts by textile designer Alison Willoughby are truly inspiring. Firstly because they are all one-off pieces which means they are special anyway and secondly they are wearable pieces of art. I particularly like the way they have been photographed in front of collage styled walls that contrast with each skirt's design. The textures are really interesting and definitely vary to form a collection that is forever evolving. 


  1. Hi there, I know her work is amazing forgot I did a post about her to be honest, nice to look back on some inspiration. How are you finding University? I'm just about to go and study fashion textiles at London College of Fashion and can't wait, is the course at Bath good?
    Love Emily

  2. Are you, I bet you're looking forward to that, well done! Yes, I've really enjoyed the course so far and I've had a great time getting to know Bath. I am about to start my 3rd and final year which is a bit scary. I'm going to London today to look around some galleries for more inspiration! X

  3. I too am in love with the Alison Willoughby style. In my searches though I long to see folk actually wearing these wonderful works of art as I am planning to do. The first of my copy is currently in production. http://www.sewandcro.com/embellished-button-skirt/; please visit if you can and offer encouragement or constructive criticism as the project grows.




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