Sunday, 8 July 2012

bauhaus art is life

Bauhaus art is life is an exhibition that will be running until 12th August at the Barbican. The exhibition explores the world's most famous art and design school. With over 400 works ranging from sculpture, painting, architecture, film, photography, furniture, graphics, product design, textiles, ceramics and theatre. The Bauhaus is characterized by a culmination of experimentation, collaboration and play. 

Above: Johannes Itten, colour sphere in seven light stages and twelve tones

Above: Lyonel Feininger showing it was important for students to understand the different qualities of materials.

Above: Wassily Kandinsky, 1 of 12 prints from the Small Worlds collection.

Above: Puppets made for Felix Klee by Paul Klee.

Above: Lath Chair, TI 1a by Marcel Breuer, cherry wood and fabric.

Above: Set of four stacking tables by Josef Albers.

Above: Wallpaper Designs by Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann

Above: Fabric print design by Hajo Rose.

Above: A selection of works by Marianne Brandt using collage and ink.

These were just a few inspiring products and works I noticed around the exhibition. I feel it s well work a look and also envious that I wasn't ever able to attend the Bauhaus as a student myself!

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