Monday, 30 April 2012


The girls in my Textiles class and I organized a textiles exhibition in Bath called Felt This Way. We had the private view last Tuesday evening and I got to show the Mayor around. We had a really good turn out all week, the last day being Saturday. Here are some pictures for those of you who missed it. You will notice our brief was to include felt into our exhibition pieces. (Photographs by Lauren West Spiceley).  

She's a bird...

Here is the latest photograph of my beautiful sister Caroline by a very talented photographer Kyle Galvin who specializes in taking pictures of fashion models. I can't decide which one I like because the colours in the first are my fave yet I also like the intensity of the black and white one too. Please let us know what you think...


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Peris & Corr

Handprinted Organic Textiles


Embellished Gift Tags

Here are some gift tags I created using the embellisher machine to bond different fabrics together to form a really lovely textured effect. This was just a bit of fun. I included feathers, dried flowers and sticky gems into the decorative process. I like he final handmade qualities the tags present because it makes them look special. Handy for gift wrap or simply labeling up storage boxes.   

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pencil Sketches

Here is a selection of my pencil sketches taken from an old sketchbook when I was focusing on body parts. I also closely distinguished light from dark using varied markings and rubbing away other areas. Some of the poses are of myself through the mirror and others are of my sister. 

Food Diary

Whilst I was on holiday in Majorca I maintained a food diary by photographing of all my meals. We ate very healthily to allow room for all the sparkling wine. We put strawberries in our drinks and they turned fizzy which was a really yummy treat to look forward to once each glass was consumed! 
Our meals were mostly prepared by my mums friend who stayed with us, although we treated ourselves to dinner at my mums favourite restaurant mid week.