Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hello I'm Here

This week I showed my work at New Designers. This is such an exciting time for me and a great stepping stone into the real world. The great thing was I got to share this opportunity with lots of my friends as there were 25 of us on the stand representing Bath School of Art and Design. I was prepared with my portfolio and feel that I managed to make the most of this brilliant opportunity. Getting your work 'out there' is scary but exciting and I think my first year will be difficult but I'm ready to accept the challenge!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Degree Show

At the moment my degree show is taking place which is an exciting time.  We have created a site showing snippets of work by the textiles graduates of 2013 from Bath School of Art and Design to include my profile here. The show is a reflection of all that I have achieved throughout my three years at university but also a chapter to hopefully mark the beginning of my career in the textiles industry. Gavin Turk and Cedric Christie gave really inspiring talks at the industry night, which has enabled me to feel proud of myself and everyone else in my year.

Above I had the opportunity to paint the glass doors inside the reception area.  I really enjoyed doing this and took the motif from one of the designs I have on show.

My show consists of a mixture of materials that I have managed to have my designs printed onto, this includes wood, plastic and glass. I have had the materials cnc routed to enable me to stitch into them and laser etched. All these applications match up perfectly with my prints.  

I am really pleased and wish all the graduates of 2013 lots of luck.

Monday, 3 June 2013


It has been so sunny today, I decided to do some painting in the garden. I love our wild garden and my painting is rather wild too! (Well it's not really my garden, it belongs to the little flat my boyfriend rents, this is why it's so wild!) It has however enabled me to start a sketchbook filled with paint drips and brush marks and mixtures of colour. I usually have to tone bits down when I transform my paintings into digital prints. 

Wherever you are, whether it's winter or summer I hope the weather is kind!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Time Out

This week I took a step back from designing. I went away to Mallorca for a mini break and enjoyed the sun along with good food and holiday reading. 

When I got back I had a list of emails awaiting me, hinting I should get back into the swing of things. My business cards have arrived and I have created an ARTSTHREAD Portfolio.

Has anyone else been enjoying the sun?