Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Spots or Painted?

I have designed this print which was inspired by a bunch of carrots I bought at the farmers market. At first I wasn't sure about the yellow but it has actually grown on me. I figured the design is actually to strong to live with but could look nice printed onto tiles? Then I decided it was the spots that didn't work and so I replaced them with painted brush marks. I would love to know what people think?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Progress in my space

By Friday, I finally felt I had enough work behind me to enable me to begin the designing process. This week I set myself a target to create 3 successful designs by Friday. I have allowed myself this time so I can experiment. This is how my desk was left looking before the weekend. It is currently overloaded with research but I like to have direction whilst I am working. So far I have printed off each design at the end of the day to pin on the wall the other side of my desk to look at in the mornings with fresh eyes. This is really helpful, as well as looking at the prints in the mirror.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tim Walker: Story Teller

I finally managed to see the Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House yesterday. The exhibition ends tomorrow but I had to go particularly because I had heard such great feedback! The images were so exciting and varied, full of different ideas yet Tim Walker's style linked the pieces together. The photographs were full of humor, quirk and glamour. Tim Walker is one of the most influential fashion photographers today. I fell in love with the set design and the props were really impressive in detail and scale. Then watching the videos on show allowed me to recognize the possibilities of working in a team where everyone is good at what they do. The set would usually include hair and make-up artists, fashion stylists, costume fitters, models and of course the master photographer capturing this creative energy. I recognized several photo shoots that I had seen in Vogue up to a few years ago that had somehow stuck in my mind. It always feels nice when you can make a nostalgic connection between a piece of work and your personal history, particularly when it involves the simple action of flicking through the pages of a magazine. With all this constructed elegance, the outcomes are inspiringly perfect.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Angels?

Today we have a snow day. The university is closed so I am forced to have a day off! I feel like an excited child because it reminds me of the snow days I would have at school and the freedom I would feel swapping a day of books for frolicking in the snow. In reality I woke up to find my housemate crouched down by the radiator eating her breakfast because it is so cold in our old flat. Below are some photographs I took in the snow on my recent visit to Japan.

If you have snow and it is stopping you from getting on with things, this means you have time to enjoy it instead!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fruit & Veg

I went to the local greengrocers yesterday to take some photographs of fruit and veg, I figured it was a good starting point for my latest project. It was a beautiful day because the sun was shining in the morning which made me feel really happy! This also meant there was lots of natural light running into the shop window that I could use to my advantage as I am a complete beginner where photography is concerned, but one thing I know is natural light is more flattering than a flash. I have also been creating mood boards to help to develop a theme and research what's already out there... if you know of anyone who is doing great things with fruit and vegetables in the textiles industry, I'd love to know?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Zooey's home

The feedback I received after my last project included the suggestion of having a muse: someone in my mind I would like to design for. This time I have decided to design a collction of prints for Zooey Deschanel's home. I imagine her to have a vibrant, quirky, feminine house with lots of personality through layers of pattern and pops of colour. I imagine Zooey decorates her home in the same way she dresses, with a relaxed feel to include unique selections and DIY decor. I have created these scrap book designs using photoshop to put bits and pieces together from my pinterest boards to create 'Zooey's imaginary home'. This was lots of fun!

Zooey's Living Room

Zooey's Kitchen

Zooey's Bedroom

Zooey's Bathroom

Is there anyone you would love to design for?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Harvest Theme?

I can't believe how fast my time at university has gone! I am now beginning my final project which is exciting but also seems so very serious! I have to present my theme to a panel today, as if taking part in the show Dragons Den. At first I just could not decide what to do but now I have chosen to go with the Harvest and self-sustainability. I was loading bales of hay into one of the stables when my sister and I came up with the idea.... it was right in front of us. I would like to create a collection of prints for home-wares. Keeping a very British route by drawing vegetables from the garden and harvest is meaningful to gathering crops at the right time, when they are ripe. I will bare the seasons in mind but I would like the collection to look quite modern through my colour palette: would a printed blue carrot really be that strange?

The above prints are by darling Clementine.