Sunday, 31 March 2013


I have really enjoyed being at home this week and I am excited to say I can finally eat chocolate again after giving it up for lent! Yesterday I went riding and I fell off my horse which wasn't so great, but I also went for a walk in the woods with my dad. We took the dogs which was nice and I took my camera with me. I practiced taking some action shots and I was pleased with the results. Let me introduce you to the pack...

Minnie doesn't have a lot to say because she's a fairly shy springer and running in the woods is her favourite activity!

Happy Easter


Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Life in Colour

I recently went to a fabulous exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum. I was lured in by the beautiful colours used to advertise the displays. The exhibition celebrates Kaffe Fassett's career in textiles, which has spanned an incredible 50 years. 

There are examples of his influence in quilting, knitting, needlepoint and mosaic and all of these categories are linked together via Kaffe's extraordinary use of colour.

'Textiles with their rich depths of colour, gave me a motivation far beyond my painting.'

'Quilts would give me a grand sense of scale to dramatise my use of colour, which my knitted garments could only hint at'

There was also this fabulous wall which you could touch! Well I had my hands all over these wonderful fabric swatches. The colours and patterns were fascinating. I thought the exhibition was really well put together.

This morning I plan to take my horse for a ride through the fields and this afternoon I am going to do some baking with my mum. Only one more sleep to go until I can eat chocolate!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Social Fabric

I stopped by in London yesterday on my way home for Easter break. I went to the British Museum as I was keen to see the African Textiles. There is currently a free exhibition displaying printed cloth (Kanga). In Africa men sometimes dress in the same pattern of cloth as women to show unity and friendship. I think this is a fun idea but the colours and patterns of textiles also communicate other important information such as belief and social status to include inscriptions that often link to the choice of pattern.

The Kanga design consists of a continuous border with a central image; a development from sewing together printed handkerchiefs. The cotton and wool Kanga on display had been printed by hand using stencils or hand stamped with carved wooden blocks. I found this exhibition really interesting and felt the display had been thoughtfully chosen. This has given me lots of inspiration for my next collection as I am hopeful I will have time to squeeze in one more before the degree show! 

And I leave you with this Kanga inscription:
"I may be quiet but there's a lot in my heart"

Happy Easter


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Printing Methods

It has been really quiet at university this week because most people have gone home for easter break and I am looking forward to going home this Thursday for a long weekend. In the meantime the print room has been fairly quiet and so I have been making the most of it...  

I have managed to develop a technique that has allowed me to print my designs onto wood without it warping which is great. I have also introduced other methods to include vinyl, painted flock (above) and puff binder (below).

I always enjoy the experimental stages within my projects. 
Have you made any exciting discoveries lately?

P.s. I would like to welcome my latest member Miss Val!


Thursday, 21 March 2013


I have joined the wonderful world of Bloglovin' this morning. How proactive :) Well I have been following lots of blogs on there for a while but didn't get around to setting it up for myself. This week I have been working on Marketing. I have created myself a business plan and I am developing my own website which is exciting. But I am also looking forward to returning to the studio today.

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Monday, 18 March 2013


I always find thumbnails are a quick and easy way to put my ideas down to translate my drawings into designs. However just lately I have preferred the thumbnails themselves and have been putting them into fun, ditzy repeats. Although there is always the threat of the design becoming too rigid, so it is important to bare this in mind. Here are a few of late:

If you enjoy a doodle, give it a go and I would love to hear about it.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

An Abstract Twist

This week I noticed my designs were becoming quite rigid when I put them into repeats; perhaps because the colours I introduced were very solid. As a result I decided to step back from the computer and start painting again. I am going to combine these designs with abstract combinations.

Thumbnails in repeats

 Abstract Paintings

  Abstract Paintings


These designs are free and the geometrics shapes are less orderly. Next week I will scan them into the computer and begin to turn them into repeats and I will include the existing designs but use them to create a boarder across the bottom or through the middle.

Happy Designing :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beas Vintage Tea Rooms

My dear friend came to visit me last week and I met her for lunch at Beas Vintage Tea Rooms, just around the corner from my flat. It was a delightful place for a catch up. The beautiful hanging lights in the window had caught my eye too many times before and so this time I was determined to stop by. There are many beautiful objects here to include the embroidered table cloths and the dainty china tea sets. I also had Welsh Rarebit for the first time and it was delicious and I somehow managed to resist the homemade cakes on offer. Meanwhile I have been painting and returning to an abstract them to add some jazz to my print designs as they are currently looking too rigid.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

This Week...

It is the Bath half marathon this weekend, which my boyfriend will be running in and so I have my fingers crossed for sunshine. This week at university I had my mid project review and it went well but I wont get the written feedback until next week.

I also went to a useful talk by hand weaver Katherine Fraser, she creates modern fabrics with traditional looms and has a shop/studio set up in Bath. She told us we should find a way to keep doing after we leave university and with this in mind I will find a way to keep printing, even with basic equipment it is best to do what you can with what you have.

My dream is to work for a print studio, I would love to challenge myself designing collections of prints and it would be great to be able to work with other interesting, creative people. I am afraid of feeling isolated after I graduate. I am always walking around the studios at university and seeing what everyone else is up to and I will really miss this when I leave.

Enjoy your weekend, sun kisses