Friday, 28 December 2012

Madness is a part of Life

I recently went to Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo. There is currently an exhibition on the top floor called Madness is a part of Life, on until 6th January 2013. The title refers to common situations in our daily lives and knowing we all need a little madness in our lives! This raises awareness that around life there is a body we are a part of. Through passing through this sculpture we are able to re-discover Tokyo's cityscape from another perspective by raising awareness of the space of life with thanks to Brazilian Artist Ernesto Neto and his studio Atelienave. The body of the sculpture was made up of plastic balls that were fun to walk on and the catwalk led up to the living area which was incredibly peaceful and trapped the warmth from the sun, I could have relaxed there and looked out across the cityscape all day if I didn't have so many places to see.


  1. This exhibition looks amazing - though I think I'd find it slightly terrifying with my fear of heights!
    Madness is defo part of our lives in flat 3! xx

  2. It looks great! Really amazing!
    Too bad that the exhibition is not in Warsaw ;)
    Best wishes :)


  3. I think I'd be a bit scared to be up there like that, but it looks like fun nonetheless.

    Happy new year!

  4. How cool. I am all in favour of a little madness! Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. Happy New Year to you, Linda x


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