Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Flicking through old sketchbooks...

I decided to go through my things and have rediscovered some old sketchbooks. Flicking through the pages was a nostalgic experience and looking at certain pieces of work triggered old memories. In some cases I could remember exactly what I was thinking and the particular events going on in my life whilst filling some of these pages. This connection between my memories and my work is evidence that highlights how personal the creative industry can sometimes be. I have decided to post some of the pages in 'a sketchbook a day project'; today is day 1.   

Above are some examples of a few simple exercises I like to do when beginning a project to include drawing with my left hand (even though I'm right handed) or drawing without looking down at the page. This helps me to loosen up and sometimes you can come out with some interesting things...

Drawing on different textures can work well for different effects and can make a simple sketch more interesting to look at.

These were my first attempts at flocking and foiling, looking back I don't think they were too bad.

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