Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How lovely x

This Charlie Simpson promo, Farmer and his Gun by Alice Loveday Dupre is really very sweet. A story book tale of the set backs a rabbit entails whilst trying to find his love missing from the warren.

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau (translates to The Cherry on the Cake) is all about the art of customizing French-made linen with a perspective from the "sunny side of life". The designer, Anne Hubert has dedicated herself to photography and staging; her pictures are romantic and her advertising is light hearted and fun. 

I love these gold-plated horse ear studs. Admittedly I have always been a little horse mad and how lovely are these!  

I think these Bonjour Letterpress cards by Libby Burns are really nice and I really like the way they have been photographed here and the little paper flags are so very cute. The cards come in packs of three and are printed on Crane Lettra letterpress paper, impressed with "Bonjour".

My housemate Polly and I have discovered we have a 'thing' for honeycomb tissue balls. They seem to be everywhere at the moment and we picture a nice little cluster in the living room in our flat. They will make a nice addition to our already highly decorated flat and they're inexpensive too. 

These paper flowers would be perfect for decorating the home, I am so bad at watering my plants and I rarely see faux-flowers I actually like. Handmade with love and patience by Sophistica. X

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