Saturday, 12 January 2013

Zooey's home

The feedback I received after my last project included the suggestion of having a muse: someone in my mind I would like to design for. This time I have decided to design a collction of prints for Zooey Deschanel's home. I imagine her to have a vibrant, quirky, feminine house with lots of personality through layers of pattern and pops of colour. I imagine Zooey decorates her home in the same way she dresses, with a relaxed feel to include unique selections and DIY decor. I have created these scrap book designs using photoshop to put bits and pieces together from my pinterest boards to create 'Zooey's imaginary home'. This was lots of fun!

Zooey's Living Room

Zooey's Kitchen

Zooey's Bedroom

Zooey's Bathroom

Is there anyone you would love to design for?


  1. These are brilliant and I'm sure Zooey would love them :) Polly x

  2. wow, a lot of colors!

    Invite you to my blog for the competition:


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