Monday, 29 October 2012

Boyfriend's Birthday

Today was my boyfriend's birthday, I had to be creative when I wrapped his presents because I didn't have any wrapping paper, so I used a mixture of brown paper and wallpaper and I also used ribbons, needlework thread and origami to decorate and secure the wrapping. I love to give presents, I find it so exciting. Click here to see where my gift wrap inspiration came from. I used a mixture of Autumn colours and the colour blue is his favourite. We went for a wonderful meal and drank champagne and spent the weekend celebrating with friends and family. 


  1. These are so beautiful! I love to get creative with wrappings because they are just as important as the present itself. And sometimes the most unique wrappings are the least expensive. I like to wrap presents with pages from an Atlas I got on a used book store. xx

    1. Hi Paula, that's a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing. X


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