Monday, 3 June 2013


It has been so sunny today, I decided to do some painting in the garden. I love our wild garden and my painting is rather wild too! (Well it's not really my garden, it belongs to the little flat my boyfriend rents, this is why it's so wild!) It has however enabled me to start a sketchbook filled with paint drips and brush marks and mixtures of colour. I usually have to tone bits down when I transform my paintings into digital prints. 

Wherever you are, whether it's winter or summer I hope the weather is kind!


  1. The orange, green and blue splotches are my favorite.

  2. I can't pick a favorite! You do have a very creative hand, and love all the use of colors and shapes :)

  3. Rainy here in my part of the world and I found myself doing some painting too! Nothing like yours though, what a great artistic talent. Krissie

  4. I love the sketchbook. The paintings are very free, playful and vibrant.


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