Wednesday, 4 April 2012

That Fanciful Feeling X

I have collected these ideas and images because I was somehow drawn to them. The first image being a watercolour piece by Nancy Straughan. As it's easter break I will enjoy the spontaneity of picking up a paintbrush and creating the first thing that comes into my head rather than going through the notions of a project.

I found this idea on etsy - a chair garland and they look so very sweet. I would like to make some for our flat trying out random shapes such as bird silhouettes, squares or butterflies.

This is such a simple yet effective idea that I found on Little Helsinki. It seems that there is a large variety of coloured and patterned tape around at the moment that could be used.

I think this wallpaper piece by Camilla Meijer is darling. I love the colour combination and nearly anything with a bird on it. See more of her wallpaper collection here.

Bluebellgray has become such a successful company and I love the handmade style of the designs, so much energy as if the paintings were slapped together and printed off onto the fabric. Sometimes it's the  spontaneous creations that are successful. I recently displayed some of my work in embroidery hoops and I was pleased with the end result, take a peek here.

I think these umbrellas look so pretty just hanging there. A colourful umbrella somehow makes a rainy day feel a little better. If you are interested in creative photography follow this blog which is where I found this lovely image, Tokyo Monogatari by Ilse Leendeers.

Have a fanciful day

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