Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Home X

Well I have broken up from university for the easter holidays and it is really nice being home, I always miss my family and all our animals! Here are some photographs of my home and the things I miss when I'm away.

My mum is a very practical lady and when she inherited this settle she renovated it and now it sits in my room and has replaced the old sofa bed. This is a handy piece of furniture when there is limited space and because I'm a hoarder I use it to store my things.

I found our black cat Thomas in the hay room, he likes to hide in here away from the dogs, sometimes he sleeps in here for days on end!

So I was trying to clean out the horses stables this morning and the new addition to our family, my dad's Rhodesian Ridgeback, Zola was making it rather a challenge. I recently bought a charm for her collar at a game fair, so I can here it jingle when she's coming my way!

We have 6 chickens, they are so much fun. Every time I go into their enclosure they follow me around in a little gang, they are quite nosy. I collected nine eggs from their house this morning because they weren't collected yesterday. Henrietta is our broody hen therefore she was laying on all the eggs and I felt rather mean taking them away from her.

My younger sister Caroline is really artistic and she's always working on some sort of project when I come home. I like to follow the things she gets up to.

This china was a present from my grandparents to my parents on their wedding day. I love the colours and general design.

My sister bought this bunting at the Country Living Fair and it looks really sweet running along her bed bars. She can really count sheep to send her to sleep!

I bought this fan in India, I think it looks so pretty with the light shining through it. I met a kind family and they wove these fans by hand.


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