Thursday, 5 April 2012

Just Lately...

I can honestly say a world without great friends must be lonely. I have such sweet friends, when working on my last project my flat mate Hannah motivated me with a very yummy macaroon, just the thing to keep me going!

I met up with my mum and sister for apple juice and tea in London and we ended up walking through Brick Lane where my sister introduced us to Rough Trade. If you're a music lover I highly recommend Rough Trade Shops. We ended up in the photo booth which was fun. My sister really rocked it, I love the way my mum's face gradually appears in full view, in the first picture there's just her eyes peeping through, then she manages to wriggle her nose in and finally we can see her smile! 

 My mum treated me to an early birthday present from Meadowsweet whilst mooching around Spitalfields Old Market. This toast rack, I think it is really lovely and I look forward to using it. 

My younger sister did my hair for me yesterday in this plaited up do. I thought it was nice to have a change of hairstyle and even better when someone else does it for you!

My mum and I make a great team as in she baked the cake and I iced it. We took it over to Gran's house only I dropped it on the floor when we arrived and sadly we had to scrap the icing because Gran thought it was a bit gritty! Whoops!

Mum and I went to Battlebridge antiques centre yesterday and we bought a few things, including a very nice tea set which I have in my bottom drawer wrapped in brown paper. I thought this shelving unit was really clever, panels of wood balancing on the steps between two ladders.

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