Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Angels?

Today we have a snow day. The university is closed so I am forced to have a day off! I feel like an excited child because it reminds me of the snow days I would have at school and the freedom I would feel swapping a day of books for frolicking in the snow. In reality I woke up to find my housemate crouched down by the radiator eating her breakfast because it is so cold in our old flat. Below are some photographs I took in the snow on my recent visit to Japan.

If you have snow and it is stopping you from getting on with things, this means you have time to enjoy it instead!


  1. Aww Hannah haha! I hope you guys aren't too cold! It's really snowy here too. Go and make some snowmen! :) (Pretty pictures by the way) xxx

  2. I love the snow!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx. McKenna Lou


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