Saturday, 29 December 2012

Nabla Pall

Nabla Pall is inspired by the vivid images and colours she experienced growing up in the Middle East. I love the freshness and boldness of her designs. They are both youthful and fun. I also really like the layout of her website. Her products, which are brooches have been displayed in a wonderfully simple way which reflects her style. Nabla uses line drawings during the creative process and the materials she uses include coloured resins and flock.


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  1. Dear April, thank you for your visit today, yes, time is a precious commodity we often overlook, especially when we are young! I was so pleased to see you, a visitor from England, a place I hope to visit soon...what you are studying is so fascinating to me, loving the arts as I do...I wished I had the formal training as you will have...what a wonderful asset for the future, N.xo


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