Thursday, 1 November 2012


Thumbnails, has anybody tried them? I took some photographs of the beautiful ceramics at the V&A museum. I mounted the photographs onto a board and drew little doodles and designs inspired by my photographs. These doodles/miniature designs are known as thumbnails.

I then proceeded to create more thumbnails inspired by the ceramics and Sonia Delaunay. This has really helped my design work because I now have a direction and some information to refer to when I am printing.

I really recommend this form of design practice. I promise it is fun too!



  1. The thumbnails are looking like a great way to get the designs flowing! The quirky styles of the different ceramics together make some really interesting patterns, looking forward to seeing your new designs :) X

  2. That's really cool :) I've played around with thumbnails to get an idea of what to put into a painting or sketch before. I should try it again soon! ♥Lindsay


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