Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kate Spade

I was in the apple store the other day and spotted some really lovely iphone cases by Kate Spade. I don't actually have an iphone, I am a blackberry user but I really like this brand anyway. I have a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses that I found in the bottom of a lake in Georgia, America last summer when I was diving. They were about 40ft down and once my friend had cleaned them up they looked as good as new! Now I wear them all the time. 


  1. LOVE ur diving story!!!! - my neighbor lost his Rolex in my lagoon - hired divers to get it but no luck .. now THAT would be a find, huh?!

  2. That would be a very nice find indeed! Well you never know maybe someone got there before the divers! :)

  3. love those phone covers!



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