Thursday, 19 July 2012

Surfing the net....

This morning I had a few minutes to myself between grooming the horses and walking the dogs. I decided to surf the net and I found these items which I am in love with. Of course the cow hide wouldn't look good in my home covered in muddy paw prints. But a girl can dream.... 

Look at these custom hand Stamped Vintage Mr and Mrs Forks. I think this is an adorable idea.

Bless you! These very british pigeon hankies by Thornback and Peel will cheer up your cold.

Accessorizing with this luxurious camera strap by Bloom Theory means all you need is a camera to go with... 

I never new Hide rugs could be so glamorous until I was introduced to this beige and gold beauty from Furbish.

I am sure these dinky cream, gold, pink and mint salt and pepper shakers will make dinner time more interesting even if they are empty.... 

Please let me know your views


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