Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My 3D Finds...

These porcelain air-boxes by Petra Sajkas were influenced by the qualities surrounding plastic, for example tight lines and a lightness which gives the impression of something blown up and you can store things in these too.

These tea light holders by ceramic artist Lydia Abigail Barton are really unusual but in a good way and Lydia now has a Folksy account where you can buy her jewelry too.

These glass horse expressions by Gina Langridge were inspired by Greek mythology. They are beautifully elegant and available in a variety of colours.

Isobelle Ancient creates these whimsical animal characters. The limbs are hand-made ceramics, and the pieces also consist of paper-mache, collage and hand picked vintage finds. I also think it's wonderful that Isobelle managed to display this particular character on a wooden boat made by her dad.   

Annette Bugansky creates these interestingly textured contemporary ceramics. The products resemble various knitting techniques. I am really fond of the cups (above) and other items available include vases, jugs and bowls.  

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