Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Decorative Fair

Last week I went to the Decorative Spring Fair in Battersea Park. I walked all the way there from Victoria station in the rain, so by the time I arrived I was Soaked and my brolly was inside out. However it was worth it because there was such a wonderful array of sourced antiques for sale to include furniture, textiles, works of art and decorative pieces. The Decorative Fair is held three times a year in Battersea Park, the next one is in Autumn 2-7 October 2012. Of course the majority of the products were out of my price range however I left feeling really inspired and many of the stands have been set up to form a room scene which is my kind of thing. I would have loved to have taken some of the items on sale and mixed them up with my belongings at home. I am currently really into mixing modern with traditional items.

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