Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend x

Did everybody have a lovely easter weekend? I made garlands to decorate our kitchen chairs which adds a nice touch to our country kitchen.

My mum made this very delicious victoria sponge using cream and strawberries to fill the centre. We bought this cake stand at The Old Sack Store, Battlesbridge which is the place to go for antiques.

My friend had a birthday and I used an 'April Original' gift tag that I had digitally designed to decorate her gift bag.

My mum baked these cupcakes, my elder sister iced them and I decorated them, we had lemon, chocolate and vanilla. They were delicious.

We had family friends round and my dad organized the clues for our annual easter egg hunt. We all did pretty well. It's nice having chocolate back in my life again since giving it up for lent.


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