Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Ballet

Firstly I was inspired by Degas to study the Ballet, I used pastels, ink, watercolours, chalk and charcoal to create images of ballet dancers. Then I scanned them into the computer and created a series of digital prints. I really enjoyed this project. I see my designs being used for interiors. I would love to cover a sofa with these or even to create some simple blinds and cushions. I see them being used to form a repeat print. As I continued to rework my designs I looked at Ascher Scarves to help me lay them out because I liked the varied use of boarders used to frame the scarves. 

Some of the dancers are more innocent, I bought a book in a charity shop called 'Queen Victoria's Sketchbook'. This book had the most delightful figures in it which inspired me to rework my paintings. I also noticed that some of my designs were very square so I explored with shape to make the repeat prints more interesting. I like to rework images until I feel I am happy with them.

I also scanned in some dried rose petals to use as a background for my designs and the colours are stunning. They also add an element of texture. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and feel my photoshopping skills have improved dramatically. Sometimes the best way to learn is by teaching yourself.

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