Saturday, 6 April 2013

Leisurely Painting

Yesterday I travelled back to Bath. On Monday I will resume work again after the easter break. I met up with my wonderful boyfriend in Reading on my way to do a spot of shopping. I had never been before and so it felt quite spontaneous. Matt bought me some funky printed trousers from one of my favourite shops called Mango followed by dinner. I also got a dress and some shoes courtesy of my mum for a birthday treat as I'm going to a wedding today. This week I had a break from textiles but this didn't stop me from painting. I enjoyed being creative without having the pressure of making a so called masterpiece, as well as trying to work out how the design could potentially repeat across a length of fabric.


  1. Beautiful colors in the first painting. Vibrant!

  2. Good idea to dissect the steps of drawings printed
    You're good
    Have a goog sunday

  3. Love these... beautiful work.


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