Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Life in Colour

I recently went to a fabulous exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum. I was lured in by the beautiful colours used to advertise the displays. The exhibition celebrates Kaffe Fassett's career in textiles, which has spanned an incredible 50 years. 

There are examples of his influence in quilting, knitting, needlepoint and mosaic and all of these categories are linked together via Kaffe's extraordinary use of colour.

'Textiles with their rich depths of colour, gave me a motivation far beyond my painting.'

'Quilts would give me a grand sense of scale to dramatise my use of colour, which my knitted garments could only hint at'

There was also this fabulous wall which you could touch! Well I had my hands all over these wonderful fabric swatches. The colours and patterns were fascinating. I thought the exhibition was really well put together.

This morning I plan to take my horse for a ride through the fields and this afternoon I am going to do some baking with my mum. Only one more sleep to go until I can eat chocolate!



  1. This exhibit looks amazing and so inspiring! Have a wonderful Easter. That chocolate is going to taste so delicious!

  2. wow
    what great displays
    i love all the colours and patterns and textures!


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