Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Walcot Project

Just lately I have been really busy and have sadly neglected my blog, which I have missed! In the mean time I have been inspired of course but I have not been able to share all my recent experiences with the land of blog spots. Monday evening I went to the Walcot Project private view. This is an exhibition by textiles students at my university studying in their second year, last April my year did a similar project where we got to organize our own exhibition and I got to show the mayor around. This time I was really impressed with the student's work and they had better wine and beautiful music. Here are some photographs I took of my favourite pieces and of course there was lots of other beautiful work but my camera did not do it justice!

Jake Chappel-Kelly. A beautiful part of nature.

 Jasmine Horton. Drawing with sewing machine.

 Chelsea Richardson. Visual Woven Surfaces.

 Louise Smales-Cresswell. Manipulated surface.

Reina Matsubara. Spring makes footsteps.

You might have noticed I have instagram now, which has really improved my documenting ability/ laziness... X

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