Sunday, 4 November 2012

Party Time

It was recently my boyfriend's birthday and we celebrated by throwing him a party. We had wonderful live music to include a girl and her guitar, plenty of cider and triangle sandwiches and a whole lot of cake! It was a lovely day which progressed to a fun evening. 

I made these cards above because there were two new baby boys who attended the party and I stitched miniature bunting to the card to add some texture.

 I was told that sweeties were a must and my mum came up with the fabulous idea of arranging the sweets in plastic martini glasses.

 An abundance of cup cakes were available and the ones iced with ice blue icing were very popular, although I liked the carrot & banana cake. I hosted a craft evening during the week and some of my friends made some miniature flags with cocktail sticks and coloured paper that I used to decorate the food.

 We also painted pasta and tied it to some string to make garlands. This was lots of fun and really effective.

But my favourite crafting activity was creating these fairy lights. We painted some cups neon pink on the inside and powder blue on the outside and they looked so pretty hung around the room.


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