Friday, 14 September 2012

Whitechapel Gallery

Last week I went to the Whitechapel Gallery because I happened to be in the area and felt like soaking up some inspiration. There are currently some interesting pieces on display and the collection is really diverse to include photography, 3D sculpture, textiles and art.

 I like this printed scarf above by Pio Abad called 'Loot'. Acid dye has been printed onto a silk twill. The magenta is really strong but I think the general composition works really nicely.

 This 'Prism' by Robert Orchardson is really smart because from a distance it looks like a three dimensional piece but when you get up close you can see it is in fact two dimensional. I think you can have lots of fun with illusions.

 This 'Zibra' piece by Caroline Achaintre has really interesting lines and the colours work well together but the texture and loose ends are my favourite design aspect.

 I think ALice Channer is really talented and I think these steel elastics are fabulous but I think she has displayed this well because the light has interfered with each piece to create wonderful shadows on the wall behind.
 I was once told that a textiles designer should be able to create at least 20 designs from 1 source of inspiration and I think '10 views of the union jack' by Tom Phillips is a great example.

'We've got the sun in our eyes' by Ruth Potter is a dreamy piece and I love dreamy themes and just the idea of having the sun in my eyes makes me smile because I think of all the wonderful summers I have had and all the wonderful summers to come.

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