Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gifts and Gratitude

I spent a lovely week as an intern at Mr Wingate. I learnt a lot and I got to do lots of screen prints. I made a thank you card at the end and clipped some of my business cards inside so that hopefully I'm not forgotten to soon! I printed off one of my illustrations and sewed some miniature bunting onto the front. 

I popped back to the flat in Bath to see how things are because we are having the bathroom replaced which is very exciting and my housemate had left me this lovely gift. He is a pretty paper bird and although I believe I am supposed to wear him in my hair, I will have fun placing him in lots of different fun positions around the flat.

This is another bird I had bought from a vintage shop in Bath and she now has a life partner thanks to my housemate.

I purchased this rack to hang on my door as I am quite limited for space, but unfortunately the door was to wide. I will keep hold of it though because I really like it and hopefully it will look right clipped to the door in my dream home one day...

We have lots of fun with theses fridge magnets at the flat, spelling out different messages to each other, normally nothing makes any sense.

I bought this picture frame set as a gift for my boyfriend and put various pictures of us together in side and I think printing the photographs off in a black and white print looks quite effective and this compliments the vintage style.

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